Make a Great First Impression

High Definition Photos

How big of a role do photos play in the home buying process? Think back to when you were searching for your last home. How big of an influence did the photos of the homes you were looking at have on your decision to give the home a second look? As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And nothing says more than an artistically captured photo of your beautiful home in all its glory. By the same token, there's nothing worse than seeing a beautiful home with all its appealing decor and personal home touches captured with off-colored, unusually tiny, awkwardly cropped, out of focus images.

It is a little known fact that homes with high quality pictures sell quicker and for a higher price than those without. Many home shoppers make there decision on homes to view based solely on how the listing is described and photographed. Statistics also show that your home will have more online visitors viewing your property than will walk through its front door. An experienced agent should be aware of the importance of high quality photographs. It is technically impossible to make quality photographs with a phone camera or cheap compact cameras. The camera sensors in cellular phones are just not equipped to produce good pictures in low light or less than ideal outdoor conditions and forget getting any breathtaking wide angle shots of that elongated breakfast bar or backyard lap poor. We think the photos of your home should also tell the story of your home. You've invested a lot throughout the years making your house a home. Let us try to capture the very best your house has to offer so you can get the best offer!

Virtual Tours

Video presentation is also another great way to capture and share the best features of your home. In this challenging real estate market, the proper presentation of listings has become increasingly more important. With 85% of home shoppers turning to the Internet before they pick up the phone, it is now more important than ever to increase your reach online and deliver a lasting impression. We will put together a stunning 3D virtual tour of your home giving online viewers a sneak peak into your home without ever leaving theirs. Visit ​Step By Step 3D to find out more.

Internet Marketing The Way It Should Be!

Dedicated Property Website

Most agents will list your home on the MLS and perhaps even on their company website but few agents have the ability or desire to create a specific website just for your property. ​We create and host a dedicated website for your property listing. When we say “dedicated website” we're referring to a web address specifically designed to showcase all the magnificent attributes of your home. This property listing web address allows us to share, tweet, pin and e-mail your property throughout our network of online visitors easily exposing your property to a substantially larger audience of prospective buyers than ever before. Visit a ​3D Virtual Tour Gallery as an example of one of our dedicated websites.

Social Media Advertising

We're going to take a guess and say that you probably have a Facebook page; as do we, our business, your business, your neighbors, your family's neighbor, and the guy who is going to buy your next house. So why not introduce them to your home on the same social media platform used by over 1.04 billion daily active users? You can even send them directly to the dedicated website we created as mentioned above!

We have written extensively on the use of Facebook (check out ​Real Estate Radio Show Articles) and its value in marketing real estate. Facebook ads have gotten even better since Facebook’s decision to allow users to “promote” their business.

Facebook ads allow you to target individuals who live in a specific geographic location – which in turn allows us to create ads that target and mention those locations specifically your home! These type of ads are clicked on much more often due to the “local” feel that ad has.