Home Owner Associations ( HOA )

When you are considering buying a condominium, a townhouse, a property in a planned residential development, in a gated community, or in a subdivision, chances are high that you will have to join the homeowners association. Subsequently, you will be obligated to pay HOA fees, which will be used for maintenance and upkeep of the amenities, common areas such as the clubhouse, parks, and pools. Though some may find HOA rules a bit strict, living in an HOA community has tremendous benefits.

Responsible for Maintenance and Up Keep

Homeowner’s associations do this by collecting either monthly, quarterly or annual fees. In exchange, the HOA ensures maintenance of community amenities.

Use of Amenities

When you live in an HOA community, you don't just get a place to live but you get to enjoy access to the communities amenities. These amenities vary largely from community to community, but typical amenities include, a clubhouse, fitness center, courts, pools, BBQ pits, and much more. These amenities can be enjoyed by the members, and are great for socializing and recreation, especially when you have guests over.

Dispute Settlement

We are all different people with different temperaments and preferences. Naturally, there will be times when we will be in disagreement with our neighbors or some other members of the community. Thankfully, The HOA of the community will act as a mediator in such situations. The HOA will handle all disputes with care and equality within the framework of the HOA rules, and ensure speedy and amicable resolution to any disagreements between the residents of the neighborhood.

Social Living Environment

Some HOA's can create a fun and community type feel through social events such as block parties and monthly events that promote community engagement. Additionally, they conduct regular homeowners meeting which also serve as a great way of interacting with residents and building a community environment.

The benefits of joining the HOA can be worth the time and energy you invest in it. When living in a community, it is always a good idea to be an active member of the homeowners association.

Henderson HOA Map

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